Many children are reared in a household where a parent sings or plays a musical instrument. The Paul Brothers, sons of Una and Trenton Paul of Guyana had an unusual, early exposure to a range of musical talent. They had a mother who was an accomplished pianist and a father who played the organ, harmonica, violin and sang in the St Andrews Church choir in Georgetown , Guyana.

Welcome to the world of the musical Paul Brothers. The four sons: Deryck, Reggie, Keith (Iauwata) and Terence (Xola) would take their childhood nurturing into professional careers and move beyond the borders of Guyana. 

Over four decades, one or two and sometimes all four would perform together in Guyana, the Caribbean and North America. Their talent as singers and instrumentalists would place them in groups associated with musical excellence.  In 2006, the four Paul Brothers produced their first joint recording  "Another Day" a Compilation of original songs and other favorites.

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